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Our expertise


We conduct pre-purchase analysis of the equipment to choose the best technological solution within the accepted medical procedures and budget available.


We support the development of medical units through the use of EU grants for the purchase of medical devices as well as leasing opportunities.


We offer analysis and support in the selection of insurance and warranty options for medical equipment.


As part of a convenient, cost effective subscription, we support equipment and service management in single doctor offices as well as hospitals.

About us

We are the team of dedicated professionals - biomedical engineers, doctors, specialists in auditing and certification of medical devices.

We have many years of experience in the service for medical sector.

Our experts will conduct an internal audit of your medical unit's requiremnts and will take care of the entire purchasing process, thus relieving you of the burden while providing support to your team.

How we operate

We fill the competence gap related to the equipment selection and implementation of medical units equipment.

We support medical units in the search for the necessary medical devices, as well as new technologies in the field of medicine.


Our strategy
Our Experience

Implementation of the project to increase the availability and quality of health services

Purchase of medical devices by NTM St. Family Hospital. 3D and 2D imaging diagnostics of the spine and lower limbs

The project included:
- technology development;
- implementation of twin robotic X-ray system;
- equipment installation;
- training;
- integration of equipment with the hospital IT structure;
- architectural design of the laboratory and construction works.

Development of Hybrid Operating Room Technology

We developed a hybrid operating room technology for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke.
The project involved integration of hybrid operating room equipped with angiograph, neuronavigation, neurosurgical microscope, ultrasound, ultrasound knife, surgical diathermy, anesthesia machine, infusion pumps, neurosurgical instruments with imaging diagnostic department equipped with Magnetic Resonance and with hospital IT infrastructure.
The above technology eliminated ionizing radiation during the stroke patient management algorithm.
The project has been accepted for implementation and nominated for the best medical technology in Poland.

Research and Development
Scope of Research - Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

The design and implementation work to create the Research and Development Center included:
- development of the R&D Center machinery park;
- development and construction of technological solutions for surgical instruments;
- prototypes development of surgical instruments.